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June 17, 2008

Little Things in Life

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Little things make me happy =)

They have their Father’s Day secrets up and I was reading the one about how some fathers would leave little love notes or doodles and stuff for their kids. I love stuff like that. My parents never left love notes, but they’d leave chores notes haha

I’m totally going to leave love notes and little things for my significant other and/or kids one day! er…. when I finally learn how to wake up early… haha

I think i just really like little things that people randomly give you that remind you they were thinking of you. Most of the things I keep are stuff like that haha

I’m going to leave notes for my parents while I’m here!!! wheee!!

June 11, 2008

Girl’s and their Hair

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What is up with the girls I like and how they constantly wear their hair down.

I really like it when a girl wears their hair up, especially in a messy bun. But it seems like almost all the girls I like absolutely love wearing their hair down all the time.

I don’t know what it is, but I really like the back of a girl’s neck. And the messy bun thing.

Anyway, I should be working on two papers right now, but I started looking at facebook pictures of this girl I find very attractive and in almost every single one of her pictures her hair is down.

… Back to papering.

June 10, 2008

How Far I’ve Come In a Year

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I had dinner tonight at the freshmen dinning commons with some friends. The freshmen were talking about how they had to move out of their dorms all in a rush and all the troubles they were having trying to take home everything they’ve accumulated over the year and it didn’t hit me until now that I was doing the exact same thing last year. Which got me thinking about how much, but also how little, things have changed since then.

Last year at this time I was beginning to get depressed about leaving for the summer because it meant I would be spending the entire summer without Karen, whom I had been spending practically 24/7 with since I fell for her. Last year, I also had no other friends besides Karen, my suite mates, and Mally. I was spending all of my free time in my dorm with Karen, doing whatever she was doing. (I know, how sad.) I never really got out much or anything.

Then I take a look at my schedule this week. First, I had dinner tonight with a bunch of friends. Tomorrow I’m getting together with another friend to work on some papers. Thursday I have work, but then after that I have party to go to. And Friday I have yet another party. How did this happen?! I really used to be a sad no body, but now I actually have places to go and people to be with.

But it kind of took me a lot to actually get here. The first two quarters of this school year I was still pretty much a sad no body. I was spending almost all my free time at home with Karen. But I did take the step of joining my sorority, I just never really got to know them until this quarter. In fact, this is all almost thanks to Karen leaving and me getting drunk at that pledge event.

Whatever it is, I’m very glad that I’ve gotten this far, though there is still a long way to go for me.


I feel like I want to add what I wrote on facebook as well cause I feel like I said different things…

So the thought of the freshmen rushing to move out on the same day as their last finals has got me reflecting on my life in the past year and how much it has changed, or how little since most of the changing happened this quarter.

I mostly have my sorority to thank for how much better my life has gotten in the past few months. Especially my pledge sisters. You guys are awesome! Sorry it took me so long to break away from being shy. Actually, that goes for my whole sorority too. You guys are incredible! I wish I had gotten less shy sooner so I could have gotten to known everyone better, but I’m working on it now! ^.^

But yea. My life. So much better. I have my sorority that I love oh so much. I have a job that I really enjoy. I have discovered the green belt that’s practically my backyard. I got this lip ring that I’m really loving now. I have my house mates who’ve been incredibly supportive of me. A close friend and I got a much needed break which I think did great things for the both of us. I’ve gotten closer to all my close friends who live far away. And thanks to a certain sister, I am definitely taking steps with continuing with this whole improving my life thing that I was too scared to take before. The only thing I haven’t quite improved on is my study habits… but I’m ok with that =P

Anyway, I don’t think I’m going to actually tag anyone in this note, but if you are in my life now, I am super grateful to have you and I thank you because you probably have changed my life in a positive way.


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