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October 3, 2008

Rainy Day…Washing the Sun Away…

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Today it smells like rain. Actually, it really just smells like wet concrete, but that is now the smell I associate with rain.

But yes. It is raining today. Meaning summer is over. School has started. No more lazy days. I actually have to put time into studying. No more wearing shorts every day. No more laying around on the grass, in the sun. Ah, I can’t wait until spring quarter now.

Anyway, I’m just complaining right now cause I’m at work and it’s all grey and rainy outside.

But some happy things!

  1. I can wear my sweatshirts again!
  2. All my pants have pockets, unlike most of my shorts.
  3. I bought Guitar Hero for my DS!
  4. Things are really good with my girlfriend.

Guitar Hero is such an awesome game, Guitar Hero for the DS can’t really compare to the real one, but it is still pretty awesome! I bought it the day I was getting sick, so I didn’t play my usual marathon when I get a new game, but I’ve played it a bit and I must say I am enjoying it very much. Especially since I don’t get to play the real Guitar Hero very often.

Just in case you are wondering how it works:

And then you strum with a stylus pic…pick? pik… whatever. haha It’s pretty awesome.

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