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June 9, 2009

Stomach Butterflies

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It’s getting closer and closer to when I fly off to see my girlfriend again. Finally after 3 months. Everyone said time would fly by, but really, it felt like time was on a light jog. Not even a run. But no matter, I fly off this weekend to see her and I honestly cannot wait. But what is this funny feeling that I have? Something similar to fluttering butterflies in my stomach? Can it be that I am scared? Why yes. Yes indeed I am a bit nervous. I haven’t seen my girlfriend in a few months. I think I am just a tad bit scared. Even thought people have reassured me that everything will be fine. That everything will be great. I’m just really good at asking what if’s. Kind of a gift really. I’m actually doing pretty well with not wondering too much this time. We still have perfectly normal conversations on the phone for the most part. Just the last few times were missing two or three words at the end of our conversations that make me…think too much. There really is nothing to worry about if I think about the type of person my girlfriend really is. Maybe she was in too public of a space when we last talked. Who knows. I just need to stop thinkin about it, go to bed, and be ready for the weekend to come.
Just for kicks… I love you, babe.

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