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September 16, 2009

Victory is mine!

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A few summers ago, some friends and I decided to go adventuring. Not too far into our journey, we came across this chair. You know, one of those large round ones that are ridiculously comfy? We basically had a battle with the car to get it to fit inside. After winning the battle, we decided to get some froyo in celebration of our glorious victory. I, unfortunately, was too slow on calling shotgun, and found myself caged away from my froyo…

Froyo! I cannot reach you!

Good thing I was smart enough to maneuver around the curvy obstacle.

We had an epic day! Explored some beaches and caves. Climbed tall rocks. It was a grand adventure.

adventure buddies
These were my fellow brave adventurers.

August 26, 2009

Do you know the song “Do you ears hang low”?

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My girlfriend tells me these are foul, but I think they’re kinda funny. So i’m going to share them with you. ^.^

Does you ass hang low
does it waggle does it flop
Does it go “pbbt pbbt” when you run a lot
Does it jiggle up and down
when you’re running into town
Does your ass


Do you boobs hang low
do they sag do they sway
Do they sit between your legs when you’ve had a bad day
Do then jiggle side to side
when you’re going for a ride
Do your boobs

Okay… so i see how they are foul…oh well lol

August 6, 2009

More things I made at work

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Photoshop is fun! haha

August 4, 2009

What I did at work today.

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Pretty… =)

It gets bigger if you click it ^.^

Also, I made this, but it’s not as pretty.

June 9, 2009

Stomach Butterflies

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It’s getting closer and closer to when I fly off to see my girlfriend again. Finally after 3 months. Everyone said time would fly by, but really, it felt like time was on a light jog. Not even a run. But no matter, I fly off this weekend to see her and I honestly cannot wait. But what is this funny feeling that I have? Something similar to fluttering butterflies in my stomach? Can it be that I am scared? Why yes. Yes indeed I am a bit nervous. I haven’t seen my girlfriend in a few months. I think I am just a tad bit scared. Even thought people have reassured me that everything will be fine. That everything will be great. I’m just really good at asking what if’s. Kind of a gift really. I’m actually doing pretty well with not wondering too much this time. We still have perfectly normal conversations on the phone for the most part. Just the last few times were missing two or three words at the end of our conversations that make me…think too much. There really is nothing to worry about if I think about the type of person my girlfriend really is. Maybe she was in too public of a space when we last talked. Who knows. I just need to stop thinkin about it, go to bed, and be ready for the weekend to come.
Just for kicks… I love you, babe.

May 7, 2009

Pros and Cons of Biking to Campus

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This quarter I have taken to biking pretty much everywhere. It’s spring quarter and I figured the weather would be nice enough and this way I can get some exercise in every day. But last night I finally got a bunch of music that I have been meaning to get for a while and I’m pretty much attached to my iPod now (not to mention I also got a new iPod touch, so I’m pretty attached as it is already haha). However, I can’t bike and listen to my music! Well, I could do the whole one earbud in one ear thing, but I still feel like I shouldn’t. So I felt like I should make a pro/con list. Or maybe a pro/pro list of biking pros and walking/busing pros.

Why I like Biking:

  • I’m on my on schedule. I can leave whenever I want, bike faster if I’m late, I don’t need to base my life around the bus schedule.
  • I get exercise! Lord knows I need to do that more haha.
  • It’s fun! The wind in my hair, sun in my face! Ah, and it’s spring time, so it should be beautiful out (someone remind Davis weather that it should be BEAUTIFUL! less wind plskthx).
  • Makes getting across campus easier when I only have a few minutes between things.
  • I’m saving the environment! I’m saving the entire world!
  • I have a shiny road bike. It goes fast.
  • It also makes me feel cool. hah

Why I’m Starting to Want to Bus/Walk Again:

  • I can use busing time to read/catchup for class.
  • I can listen to my music while I bus/walk.
  • Walking is exercise too. And I’m still outside in the beautiful spring time-ness (again, less wind pls).
  • I don’t have to worry about getting sweaty from biking too fast when I’m late.
  • I can also play my silly iPod touch games on the bus.

It looks like biking is still winning. Though I guess it would be better to make con lists as well, but it might be pretty redundant.

I will attempt this after class.

March 27, 2009


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Hopeful that I’ll get over this funk soon.

Re-use Me!

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This is an old thing I drew a while ago. I was just looking through my old pictures and found it.  I always meant to make it better with a follow up panel of a recycling center where the robot gets all cleaned up, but I never did heh. Maybe I’ll do it this quarter.

March 24, 2009

Try Not To Be Too Depressing, Okay?

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March 23, 2009

Without My Other Half

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Since I have been dating her, I have basically been attached at the hips with my girlfriend. But now she has gone far away to New Zealand for an internship/backpacking adventures for several months. I am quite lonely and sad. And unfortunately was quite depressed this past weekend.

So far, I am doing better today. We unfortunately aren’t able to skype because her internet connection there is really crappy apparently and she keeps dropping out just from chatting. But we get to chat a little bit when she gets the chance.

Anyway, I’m supposed to take this chance to learn to be more independent and stop shaping my life around her.  I’m not sure how well it’s going to go. Right now I just can’t wait for the moment I can have with her online, and I can’t wait until it is June so I can go meet her in New Zealand. It’s cold and I miss her warm body with me in bed.

There really isn’t a point to this post other than letting the world know that I am now without my other half. And am quite sad about it.

Though you might see more doodles now that I find myself with nothing to do.

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