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September 16, 2009

Victory is mine!

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A few summers ago, some friends and I decided to go adventuring. Not too far into our journey, we came across this chair. You know, one of those large round ones that are ridiculously comfy? We basically had a battle with the car to get it to fit inside. After winning the battle, we decided to get some froyo in celebration of our glorious victory. I, unfortunately, was too slow on calling shotgun, and found myself caged away from my froyo…

Froyo! I cannot reach you!

Good thing I was smart enough to maneuver around the curvy obstacle.

We had an epic day! Explored some beaches and caves. Climbed tall rocks. It was a grand adventure.

adventure buddies
These were my fellow brave adventurers.

May 7, 2009

Pros and Cons of Biking to Campus

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This quarter I have taken to biking pretty much everywhere. It’s spring quarter and I figured the weather would be nice enough and this way I can get some exercise in every day. But last night I finally got a bunch of music that I have been meaning to get for a while and I’m pretty much attached to my iPod now (not to mention I also got a new iPod touch, so I’m pretty attached as it is already haha). However, I can’t bike and listen to my music! Well, I could do the whole one earbud in one ear thing, but I still feel like I shouldn’t. So I felt like I should make a pro/con list. Or maybe a pro/pro list of biking pros and walking/busing pros.

Why I like Biking:

  • I’m on my on schedule. I can leave whenever I want, bike faster if I’m late, I don’t need to base my life around the bus schedule.
  • I get exercise! Lord knows I need to do that more haha.
  • It’s fun! The wind in my hair, sun in my face! Ah, and it’s spring time, so it should be beautiful out (someone remind Davis weather that it should be BEAUTIFUL! less wind plskthx).
  • Makes getting across campus easier when I only have a few minutes between things.
  • I’m saving the environment! I’m saving the entire world!
  • I have a shiny road bike. It goes fast.
  • It also makes me feel cool. hah

Why I’m Starting to Want to Bus/Walk Again:

  • I can use busing time to read/catchup for class.
  • I can listen to my music while I bus/walk.
  • Walking is exercise too. And I’m still outside in the beautiful spring time-ness (again, less wind pls).
  • I don’t have to worry about getting sweaty from biking too fast when I’m late.
  • I can also play my silly iPod touch games on the bus.

It looks like biking is still winning. Though I guess it would be better to make con lists as well, but it might be pretty redundant.

I will attempt this after class.

March 23, 2009

Without My Other Half

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Since I have been dating her, I have basically been attached at the hips with my girlfriend. But now she has gone far away to New Zealand for an internship/backpacking adventures for several months. I am quite lonely and sad. And unfortunately was quite depressed this past weekend.

So far, I am doing better today. We unfortunately aren’t able to skype because her internet connection there is really crappy apparently and she keeps dropping out just from chatting. But we get to chat a little bit when she gets the chance.

Anyway, I’m supposed to take this chance to learn to be more independent and stop shaping my life around her.  I’m not sure how well it’s going to go. Right now I just can’t wait for the moment I can have with her online, and I can’t wait until it is June so I can go meet her in New Zealand. It’s cold and I miss her warm body with me in bed.

There really isn’t a point to this post other than letting the world know that I am now without my other half. And am quite sad about it.

Though you might see more doodles now that I find myself with nothing to do.

December 18, 2008

New Profession: Locksmith

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Last night my friend got locked out of her apartment. She was pretty upset about it too because the only two people who have spare keys were in Europe. And while she was calling people and debating whether or not to call a locksmith, which btw would cost $70, I googled “deadbolt lock picking” and found several sites about lock picking.

Everything looked so complicated when I tried to read them, but then I found this site, How Lock Picking Works, sat down and read it and decided to give it a try.

I found some Allen Wrenches

a small flat head screw driver

and a nail filer thing from a nail clipper

and that is all I needed to pick a deadbolt lock. =)

Got her into her house in under 10 minutes. It was pretty awesome. I should consider becoming a locksmith haha. Or thievery. I just need to learn how to be sneaky…

December 15, 2008

Never One Foot on the Ground

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Ah. Finals are finally over. On to winter break…where I get to work 8 hours a day at school for the next week. *sigh*

And on top of that, girlfriend has gone away for the break. Shh, I can’t tell you where she’s gone because she’s a top secret super sexy spy hehe.

Oh well. It’s not so bad. I’m working more hours than usual, so more money. yay. I need to make up for all that I spent over Thanksgiving break and then all the money I’m about to spend over Christmas break. And there’s people I can chill with at work. And some of my sorority sisters are still here. So at least there are still people here to hang out with. Just not used to not having her around. Especially sleeping in an empty bed. It’s weird.

This is kind of how I’ve been feeling since last night. heh. But I’ll get over it. Anyway, I’m hoping to finally hook my computer up to girlfriend’s printer so I can scan my doodles again. I’ve been getting more and more encouragement about the whole web-comic thing. I think I should do a collaborative one in case I run out of ideas or whatever heh. I don’t know if I can keep up a consistent flow of good doodles. I just get sporadic inspiration now and then.

“I never loved nobody fully
Always one foot on the ground”

…cept it’s more like:

I’ve never loved nobody fully ’til now.
She took me with both feet off the ground.

Ai ya. I can’t wait until she’s back.

What am I going to do when she leaves for New Zealand for four months…

September 29, 2008

Spending Some Time with Mother Nature

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My best friend came up to visit me this weekend and took me and my housemates to Eldorado National Forest. It was gorgeous there!

This was our first stop at a camping ground. I really wanted to go walk across the rocks to the middle of the creek, but I don’t remember why we decided to go somewhere else instead…

So we decided to cross the creek over here. Where there were no rocks to hop across…

WHY DID WE DO THAT?! It was freezing cold!!! My friend just jumped in and swam across! I don’t know how he did it because my housemate and I could barely walk across it cause it was so cold it hurt our feet and legs!! But it was still pretty awesome. And the water was so clear and pretty.

Then we found this other place with some mini rapids

It was so nice just sitting there and listening to the creek run by and watching the water and everything. Everything was just so beautiful.

Here’s my best friend standing at the top of this rock formation right by the creek.

It was a lot of fun hanging out with him again. =)

btw, all the pictures, taken with my camera phone. Isn’t the quality awesome!?! I love my phone!

September 26, 2008

And so school begins…

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School has started! I’m actually not that excited… I walked into my first class yesterday, sat down, and was like “fuck. I actually have to be here and listen to this fool standing up there.” haha I’ve just been so used to going to work every day, and kinda shitting around, I’m not used to actually having to pay attention, or not be able to do something else whenever… does that make sense? Cause I can be at work, but I can write my blog instead of working if I need a break, but I can’t really do that in class or else I might miss something important. Not that I pay that much attention… but I like to think that I try to haha.

So this quarter I am taking History of Jazz, which I’m kinda very unsure about since I don’t particularly know anything about or like jazz too much. It’s nice, but I think I still appreciate classical music a lot more. But I’ll learn to appreciate it this quarter I guess.

I’m also taking two linguistics classes, Phonetics and Language, Gender and Society. Phonetics kind of sounds like a boring-ish class, but the professor is AWESOME and marrying his partner in like a few days, which is awesome, so I’m pretty stoked for this class now. And Language, Gender,a nd society sounds like an awesome class, but the professor is kind of weird, and I also missed like the first half hour of the first class so I don’t really know what it’ll be like yet.

Gah, I’m so not used to campus being this crowded anymore. I’ve spent so much time here in the summer working that I feel like there are too many people here now. It’s suffocating -_-

Shit ton of people… and stupid freshmen =X j/k

August 25, 2008

No Need to Wonder Why

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I am so lucky and spoiled. I have this amazing girlfriend, who is working crazy 10-12 hour days, but she still drives at least an hour from where she works/lives to spend some time with me. And then she’ll wake up 4-5 in the morning to go back to work.

When I sit back and look at this, I see that there really is no reason for me at all to worry or wonder if she likes me or not. Not that I worry about that much at all. It’s mostly the coming fall quarter that I’m thinking too much about. But I need to start living in the present anyway.

This chick is amazing if she’s willing to commute so much for a girl like me. I’m so lucky to have her. I’m so happy I do.

Look how happy I look!

I started thinking about writing this entry because I’ve been feeling emo about stuff. Missing her. Wondering what it’s going to be like when she comes back. Just being anxious in general about things I shouldn’t be thinking about right now. (Also I’m kinda bored at work =P) But I guess this entry did exactly what I needed. It killed time =P, and I’m remembering how lucky I am to have her and that she does like me. Enough to make that crazy commute more often than she really needs to be doing it. So I really need to stop thinking too much. Miss her, but not obsessively. And just enjoy life.

June 10, 2008

How Far I’ve Come In a Year

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I had dinner tonight at the freshmen dinning commons with some friends. The freshmen were talking about how they had to move out of their dorms all in a rush and all the troubles they were having trying to take home everything they’ve accumulated over the year and it didn’t hit me until now that I was doing the exact same thing last year. Which got me thinking about how much, but also how little, things have changed since then.

Last year at this time I was beginning to get depressed about leaving for the summer because it meant I would be spending the entire summer without Karen, whom I had been spending practically 24/7 with since I fell for her. Last year, I also had no other friends besides Karen, my suite mates, and Mally. I was spending all of my free time in my dorm with Karen, doing whatever she was doing. (I know, how sad.) I never really got out much or anything.

Then I take a look at my schedule this week. First, I had dinner tonight with a bunch of friends. Tomorrow I’m getting together with another friend to work on some papers. Thursday I have work, but then after that I have party to go to. And Friday I have yet another party. How did this happen?! I really used to be a sad no body, but now I actually have places to go and people to be with.

But it kind of took me a lot to actually get here. The first two quarters of this school year I was still pretty much a sad no body. I was spending almost all my free time at home with Karen. But I did take the step of joining my sorority, I just never really got to know them until this quarter. In fact, this is all almost thanks to Karen leaving and me getting drunk at that pledge event.

Whatever it is, I’m very glad that I’ve gotten this far, though there is still a long way to go for me.


I feel like I want to add what I wrote on facebook as well cause I feel like I said different things…

So the thought of the freshmen rushing to move out on the same day as their last finals has got me reflecting on my life in the past year and how much it has changed, or how little since most of the changing happened this quarter.

I mostly have my sorority to thank for how much better my life has gotten in the past few months. Especially my pledge sisters. You guys are awesome! Sorry it took me so long to break away from being shy. Actually, that goes for my whole sorority too. You guys are incredible! I wish I had gotten less shy sooner so I could have gotten to known everyone better, but I’m working on it now! ^.^

But yea. My life. So much better. I have my sorority that I love oh so much. I have a job that I really enjoy. I have discovered the green belt that’s practically my backyard. I got this lip ring that I’m really loving now. I have my house mates who’ve been incredibly supportive of me. A close friend and I got a much needed break which I think did great things for the both of us. I’ve gotten closer to all my close friends who live far away. And thanks to a certain sister, I am definitely taking steps with continuing with this whole improving my life thing that I was too scared to take before. The only thing I haven’t quite improved on is my study habits… but I’m ok with that =P

Anyway, I don’t think I’m going to actually tag anyone in this note, but if you are in my life now, I am super grateful to have you and I thank you because you probably have changed my life in a positive way.


May 21, 2008

I Like Rainbows

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So I fail with the whole keeping up this blog… But again, I will try! haha

So thanks to my little, whom I love by the way, I got some pretty rainbow ribbon and decided to make little keychains with them for my sorority.

Take a look!

I’m going to try to get my hands on some more ribbon so I can make more than just six. Actually, I don’t really need to make more than six if only a few people in the sorority wants one. They make me happy. =) The rainbows and my sorority hehe.

BTW, fuck yea! Gay marriage now legal in California!!! Very fucking exciting!

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