Something Saffurical

March 5, 2009

Your Smile When It Rains

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Your Smile When It Rains

The rain is blowing outside.
Swaying leaves and branches. The pool oscillates
Cyan blue spills over onto grey concrete
soaked in the earth’s tears.
I sniffle my nose
smothered by the smell of wet dirt.
I can’t breathe without opening my mouth in awe…
The thunder drums and fills my ears
If only you were here to hold me now.
Only four seconds ago there was a flash of light
how close is that?
one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand,
the thunder is loud.
the bass rumbles through the speakers
vibrating my heart strings
made of cat gut resonate so nicely against the wood grains
running so smooth along the neck
across the back
Like a tiger’s shoulders
arching as she stalks her dinner
quietly in the tall, tan grass
so dry against my hands they crinkle and crack when I bend them
snapping into little pieces between my fingers before I toss them in your hair.
You think I am so immature
but one day…
one day I’ll show you that I can do more than take care of myself.
I don’t cower as much when the thunder comes.
but I’d still like for you to hold me.
because the rain is blowing outside,
ripples are breaking the pool below your window,
and I’m watching with my hands pressed against the cold glass,
wide eyed,
the world fogging over as I breathe.

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