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September 16, 2009

Victory is mine!

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A few summers ago, some friends and I decided to go adventuring. Not too far into our journey, we came across this chair. You know, one of those large round ones that are ridiculously comfy? We basically had a battle with the car to get it to fit inside. After winning the battle, we decided to get some froyo in celebration of our glorious victory. I, unfortunately, was too slow on calling shotgun, and found myself caged away from my froyo…

Froyo! I cannot reach you!

Good thing I was smart enough to maneuver around the curvy obstacle.

We had an epic day! Explored some beaches and caves. Climbed tall rocks. It was a grand adventure.

adventure buddies
These were my fellow brave adventurers.

August 26, 2009

Do you know the song “Do you ears hang low”?

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My girlfriend tells me these are foul, but I think they’re kinda funny. So i’m going to share them with you. ^.^

Does you ass hang low
does it waggle does it flop
Does it go “pbbt pbbt” when you run a lot
Does it jiggle up and down
when you’re running into town
Does your ass


Do you boobs hang low
do they sag do they sway
Do they sit between your legs when you’ve had a bad day
Do then jiggle side to side
when you’re going for a ride
Do your boobs

Okay… so i see how they are foul…oh well lol

January 14, 2009

I’m a Lazy Ass.

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I’m never going to get this consistent blogging thing down. I just am too lazy and never have anything interesting to write about.

I really want to scan and post up some of my doodles though, but I’m too lazy to scan them. And upload them. Maybe photoshop them a little. And what not.

I like having pictures with every post. I mean, I like the idea of it. Or at least have something intersting to write about. This post is pretty much useless. I’m just really bored at work right now.

My girlfriend and I started playing Kingdom of Loathing together. It kinda makes us huge dorks. It’s a very interesting and well made, super-complicated sometimes, game. You should check it out. It’s very different, but at the same time, kind of the same as all the other RPG’s out there. But this one will make you laugh. It’s pretty awesome.

These are some of the things you might come across in the game. There’s lots of booze in it too haha. My character is an accordia thief. I’m super moxious =P.

Also, a random free-write (which I should start doing again probably):
Just today I looked out the window to see the world in the morning light, when the sun has just come up, our plants turning up their leaves to feel the warth the sun gives, like a gift to the earth so that we can grow.

November 18, 2008

Gum is NOT Compostable

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gum is NOT compostable. I fail.

We need to work on educating people about this sustainability thing before … it’s too late? It’s kind of too late already. *sigh*

October 3, 2008

Rainy Day…Washing the Sun Away…

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Today it smells like rain. Actually, it really just smells like wet concrete, but that is now the smell I associate with rain.

But yes. It is raining today. Meaning summer is over. School has started. No more lazy days. I actually have to put time into studying. No more wearing shorts every day. No more laying around on the grass, in the sun. Ah, I can’t wait until spring quarter now.

Anyway, I’m just complaining right now cause I’m at work and it’s all grey and rainy outside.

But some happy things!

  1. I can wear my sweatshirts again!
  2. All my pants have pockets, unlike most of my shorts.
  3. I bought Guitar Hero for my DS!
  4. Things are really good with my girlfriend.

Guitar Hero is such an awesome game, Guitar Hero for the DS can’t really compare to the real one, but it is still pretty awesome! I bought it the day I was getting sick, so I didn’t play my usual marathon when I get a new game, but I’ve played it a bit and I must say I am enjoying it very much. Especially since I don’t get to play the real Guitar Hero very often.

Just in case you are wondering how it works:

And then you strum with a stylus pic…pick? pik… whatever. haha It’s pretty awesome.

September 6, 2008

My attempt to catch up on news

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For my birthday, one of my best friends got me a subscription to the Guardian Weekly which is a really good newspaper/magazine.

Anyway, he got it for me in hopes that I would catch up with world news. Well, unfortunately I haven’t really kept up with it very well, but I was reading an old issue tonight and came across two things I wanted to share.

One is that T-mobile had tried to find the UK’s first “txt laureate” in a competition for the best romantic poem in text messages. The winner’s poem:
“The wet rustle of rain can dampen today. Your text buoys me above oil-rainbow puddles like a paper boat, so that even soaked to the skin I am grinning.”

That made me smile =)

And then another quote: “And if there’s one thing that we know about humans, it’s that our inherent unreliability will always derail the simplest of schemes.” Yup.

August 21, 2008

Holding Hands

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(So picking up this blog in the middle of my life)

There are three reactions we get from people when my girlfriend and I are walking down the street holding hands.

  1. No reaction. Cause these people are awesome.
  2. Averted/disgusted looks. From the people who kind of mutter to each other and herd their children away from us. (kay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little…)
  3. And then we get the really creepy, huge smiles from people who are trying to show support? Or whatever. But are just really creepy with their huge smiles.

Okay, so I guess it’s nice that they are trying to show their support, but wouldn’t you find it a little weird if someone gave you a huge, creepy smile for, say…, supporting Obama or something? I don’t know. Anyway, I didn’t really notice these reactions actually until my girlfriend brought it up. I’m just kind of oblivious to everything else when I am with her. =P

June 17, 2008

Little Things in Life

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Little things make me happy =)

They have their Father’s Day secrets up and I was reading the one about how some fathers would leave little love notes or doodles and stuff for their kids. I love stuff like that. My parents never left love notes, but they’d leave chores notes haha

I’m totally going to leave love notes and little things for my significant other and/or kids one day! er…. when I finally learn how to wake up early… haha

I think i just really like little things that people randomly give you that remind you they were thinking of you. Most of the things I keep are stuff like that haha

I’m going to leave notes for my parents while I’m here!!! wheee!!

June 11, 2008

Girl’s and their Hair

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What is up with the girls I like and how they constantly wear their hair down.

I really like it when a girl wears their hair up, especially in a messy bun. But it seems like almost all the girls I like absolutely love wearing their hair down all the time.

I don’t know what it is, but I really like the back of a girl’s neck. And the messy bun thing.

Anyway, I should be working on two papers right now, but I started looking at facebook pictures of this girl I find very attractive and in almost every single one of her pictures her hair is down.

… Back to papering.

May 26, 2008


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I have spent way too much money this month! First there was the Whole Earth Festival, then eating out all the time, then I went shopping with my housemates yesterday. I spent over $50 I think! But I’m quite happy with most of what I got.

Like this cool tank top for $10!

(No, that’s not me.)

AND these AWESOME suspenders!!!!

They are incredibly shiny!! I love them so much!

I’m going to wear them this Friday to Drag Bingo! =) shh don’t tell anyone tho! hehe

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