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April 23, 2008

Rainy Day Game

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Yesterday we were supposed to have a softball game, but the skies were grey and it was chilly and getting wet… But our team is strong! We pulled through the horrible weather! and showed up on the field! and we won the game!!! … because the other team didn’t show up. hahahah

We ended up just splitting our team in two and playing for fun. Which was pretty fun, except when the ball came towards me in the outfield. lol. I swear I will learn to catch a ball by the end of this quarter!
Tis my goal. (Also learning how to throw properly haha)

April 16, 2008

Softball in Class

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I started thinking about softball practice in class today… and the title of my last post. haha

Sitting in the grass

So this is what I end up with =P

April 15, 2008

Sitting In The Outfield, Watching The Ball Go By…

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My friend Mally managed to convince me to join her Inter Mural Softball team.

I don’t know how to play softball… haha.
We had a little team practice today. I attempted to bat today. I think I may have hit a few good balls, considering my background experience. Then I proceeded to stand in the outfield, mostly watching other people attempt to bat as well, though they were much better than I was. I say they attempted as well because our pitcher has no experience either, so his balls weren’t quite always getting over the plate. Occasionally a ball came my way, I’d yell “Oh shit,” or “Goddamn!,” if the ball was moving fast and high, or rolling too far away from me. Did I mention that I’m afraid of the ball and that I can’t catch? Yes, I’m not meant for softball haha.

The weather was wonderful today though. I really enjoyed being out there on the grass, which looked gorgeously green under the bright sunlight. For a while there was a gentle breeze that kept the air at the perfect temperature. I’d sit down in the outfield and just watch the blades of grass in the sun. And then I thought about how nice it would be if Karen were there.
At first I just thought about how she used to be a softball pitcher and that if she were there, more balls would be getting over the plate, and practice would have been a lot more effective. Then I thought about how hot she’d look playing sports. I blinked away from the grass for a moment to find where Mally was playing. She looked pretty hot playing sports as well. I was getting kind of sad Karen wasn’t around. I thought about how much fun it would be to be playing softball with her. How she could have taught me how to catch the ball maybe. Or at least not back away yelling. She knew how to bat as well. I wish she were here. But I also don’t. Cause I know she’s having a good time in Europe right now. It’s just too bad I miss her so much. I guess I’ll just have to learn how to play softball without her, and then impress her with my awesome softball skills when she comes home.

Green green grass

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